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With the clinic’s family oriented policies and extremely caring and sympathetic staff, we ensure that each patient is made to feel at home and well looked after.

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Dr Taha specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all conditions affecting the lower gastrointestinal tract.This includes the colon (with or without small bowel), rectum, anus and perianal region. Patients benefit from his experience and expertise in performing the full spectrum of highly specialized abdominal, anorectal and endoscopic procedures


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Colonoscopy is a video examination of the large intestine also called colon. It is performed by using a flexible specially designed tube which is inserted through anus and progressed till the proximal end of the colon. While examination the pictures are taken of inside surface of colon. A detailed report is given to the patient. It is an outpatient procedure. Usually a mild sedation is given to the patient and they can go home same day. Most of the insurance companies reimburse the cost. Colonoscopy is used both to diagnose an ailment of colon and also as a screening procedure for prevention of colon and rectal cancer. Dr Taha was extensively trained to perform colonoscopies in use. He performed more than 300 colonoscopies in one year during his fellowship in USA. SAGES also credentialed him through FES certificate.

We manage all abdominal operations pertaining to colon and rectum. Due to his extensive training Dr. Taha is an expert in open, laparoscopic and robotic techniques for managing diseases of colon and rectum. We treat all cancerous and noncancerous conditions of colon and rectum, which require an abdominal approach. Dr. Taha advises operational only when it is clearly indicated. He gives all options to the patient and helps them in decision-making, He also a strong believer in preventive health and advises patient to have healthy lifestyle and preventive strategies to manage their health and disease

All anal and rectal disorders like anal fistula, hemorrhoids (piles), anal fissure, rectal and we manage anal pain, rectal bleeding etc.. We take a thorough history and perform a detailed examination to arrive at a diagnosis. We advised tests only when necessary. Our philosophy is that most of the anorectal disorders are diagnosed by a clinical examination. Our therapies are simple and cost effective.


Pelvic floor disorders are a complex set of problems, which can affect anyone but is usually more common in women after childbearing age. We deal with all pelvic floor disorders like rectal prolapse (rectum coming out from anus), rectocele (common complaint in females where rectum pushes into the vagina), feeling of repeated bowel movements or sense of incomplete evacuation and chronic rectal pain. We have a step-by-step approach to these disorders and help patients achieve their healthy habits and reduce their symptoms so that they can carry along in their lives comfortably.


Rectal cancer is the cancer of lower part of the digestive tract above the anal canal. It can affect anyone of any age and sex. But is more common in patients above 50 years of age. It’s symptoms are rectal bleeding, feeling of fullness., weight loss, change in bowel habits. It is a treatable condition and if detected in time can be completely curable. It is one of the cancers, which are amenable to preventive strategies. Whenever you have rectal bleeding or you have recent change in bowel habits you should consult us immediately. We offer a scientific and evidence based approach to the management of patients with rectal cancer. Surgery is usually the mainstay of treatment but preoperative chemotherapy and radiation therapy has big role in rectal cancer patients. We thoroughly evaluate a rectal cancer patient and after properly staging we advise the patient whether surgery first or chemoradiation first will be best for the patient. Dr Taha is trained in minimally invasive surgery called TAMIS where an early stage cancer can be removed from rectum without making any incision from outside. It is a day care procedure and patients can go home in the evening and start taking food the same day of surgery.


Colon cancer occurs in the area of the large intestine starting from where the small bowel ends also called cecum and ileocecal meeting point or junction up to the area where rectum starts. These cancers behave differently from rectal and anal canal cancers. In these cancers more often than not surgery is the first modality of treatment. Some of these cancers can also run in families and have genetic predisposition. Most of these cancers occur without any previous or family history of colon cancer. These cancers are curable in early stage and once treated need a regular follow up with the surgeon after surgery. Chemotherapy is usually advised after surgery depending upon the stage of the cancer once the tumor has been removed from the body. We perform colon cancer surgeries with state of the art technique and give best possible outcome to the patient. Our philosophy is that tumor should be removed from the body completely by whichever means it is necessary. Because a partially removed tumor leads to increased chances of coming it back early. We are adept at laparoscopic, robotic and open techniques. We discuss the operation plan with the patient and involve him in decision making thoroughly. Our results are comparable to the best cancer centers anywhere in the world.

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Dr. Taha is the only surgeon from India who is participating in the international TaTME registry. It is a registry of patients which monitors the outcome of rectal cancer patients over a 5 year period by using the latest technique known as trans anal total mesorectal excision (TaTME). This has put India on the map of this international cancer registry. There are 44 countries and 282 centers worldwide participating in the registry. This is a NHS (National Health Services ) United Kingdom approved project and worlds most premier institutes which are participating in it.


Latest News

In February 2020 an international Colorectal Disease conference was held in Delhi in collaboration with Chrisite National Health Services cancer center from UK. Dr. Taha presented his work on TAMIS in this conference. His work was well appreciated and he also chaired important sessions on colorectal cancer.